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Fostering & improving dairy profits through nutrition & management

Fostering & improving dairy profits through nutrition & management

Lallemand Hosts 5th Session of Professional Development Course at the Blanca Dairy Hub

On April 9-10, 2019, 58 key dairy nutritionists and consultants from 23 countries, representing large farms and feed groups, gathered at the Blanca Dairy Hub in Spain to attend the fifth session of Lallemand Forward professional development course: “Fostering & improving dairy profits through nutrition & management”This annual program is part of the ongoing partnership between Lallemand Animal Nutrition and Blanca which focuses on research and development and high-level professional education. The course is limited to Lallemand Animal Nutrition influential partners in dairy nutrition.

The 2019 session focused on optimizing profits in dairy operations through three major levers:

  • Forage quality
  • Nutrition
  • Management

It focused on economic impact  and involved hands-on sessions on farm assessment techniques: silage audits; rumen efficiency and welfare appraisal. Microbial ecosystems were at the core of the session, with sessions dedicated to silage preservation and additives and to the role and management of total tract microbiome in dairy cows, all lead by international experts.

This professional development course is part of Lallemand Forward, a range of service solutions to enhance people, knowledge and production practices, from industry to farm level. To learn more about Lallemand Forward initiatives, please visit the Lallemand Forward section of this website.

To learn more about the Blanca Dairy Hub and their mission, please click here.

Published Apr 18, 2019

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