Solutions & Services

Through our broad product and service offering, we help turn science into best practices to deliver tailor-made services to your specific needs and offer expert technical support to ensure the optimal application and efficacy of our solutions.

Lallemand Forward is a range of industry and on-farm services tailored to the needs of our partners and customers.

As a partner of Lallemand, you will benefit from:

  • Scientific transfer supported by research and development, through our Centers of Excellence
  • Innovative technical resources, such as Handbooks (eg: “Unlocking energy from forage fiber”, “Silage safety”…), Technical Guides (“eg: Rumen health”, “Pet Well Being Assessment” Guide….), and Technical Bulletins
  • Educational websites, with
  • E-learning platform
  • Technical exchanges and seminars
  • Dedicated professional development courses such as ‘Fostering and Improving Dairy Production Efficiency’
  • Modern on-farm support tools and audit programs (mobile apps)
  • An international pilot farm network
  • Investing in the next generation through scholarships, internships, and grants.