Probiotic lactic acid bacteria for monogastrics: BACTOCELL

bactocell 20 yearsBACTOCELL is a feed additive based on a live lactic acid bacteria (Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM I-4622 – MA 18/5M). It has been used for more than 20 years as a probiotic in animal nutrition and is authorized in the European Union for use in poultry, in all avian species (laying hens and minor avian species, such as ducks), in swine (fattening pigs) as well as in aquaculture, in fish and shrimp. BACTOCELL is available in many other countries outside the EU.

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.


Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

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Product Description

Product details

BACTOCELL is a homofermentative bacteria selected for its ability to convert non-digestible complex carbohydrates into L+ lactic acid.

It can survive throughout the gut and plays an important role in microbiota balance, intestinal system maturity, and digestive efficiency.

BACTOCELL can be used in organic production under regulation (EC) No 2018/848.

How it works

Three levels of actions to support good animal gut function:

infographics bactocell 3 actions

  • BACTOCELL allows complex nutrient conversion that results in better utilization of non-digestible fractions of the feed
  • By enhancing lactic acid bacteria, BACTOCELL favors commensal positive bacteria (Lactobacillus)
  • BACTOCELL supports the optimal development and function of the intestinal epithelial barrier and reinforces the animal’s natural defenses

Why it matters

In the global context of maintaining animal health to reduce the use of antibiotics and other interventions, BACTOCELL is a good nutritional tool to support your feeding strategies.


In poultry, the use of BACTOCELL, a recognized probiotic bacteria, supports:

  • Optimal laying performance, enabling a more persistent laying rate and exported egg mass
  • A good quality egg through better eggshell strength and, therefore, a lower number of downgraded eggs
  • A balanced microbiota, which helps limit digestive troubles
  • Optimal zootechnical performance and farm profitability

Also, BACTOCELL provides easily visible benefits to day-to-day farm management, including improved feathering quality and droppings appearance, which are indicators of overall good health in birds.



In pigs, BACTOCELL is a recognized probiotic bacteria that can be used in liquid feeding systems to help:

  • Allow a faster and safer feed delivery progression along the feeding curve
  • Reduce the risk of digestive problems at the start of the fattening phase
  • Enhanced growth and digestive efficiency
  • Support health and reduce the risk of mortality at the end of the fattening phase

BACTOCELL helps liquid feed maintain a good microbial profile and palatability.



BACTOCELL is the only probiotic authorized for use in fish and shrimp within the European Union, a guarantee of its safety, quality, and efficacy. The active ingredient, Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM I-4622 (MA 18/5M), is among the most scientifically and technically documented probiotic strains used today in aquaculture.

BACTOCELL can associate with the animal intestinal cells, contributes to better digestive health of fish and shrimps, and optimizes performance by:

  • Stabilizing and safeguarding the gut microflora
  • Supporting gut integrity and nutrient uptake
  • Supporting the natural defenses of fish and shrimp

Packaging and formulation

BACTOCELL is delivered in boxes of 20 kg, in different formulations:

  • BACTOCELL PA 10: concentrated formulation for in-feed applications (pigs, poultry feed, and aquafeed).

It should be used at the recommended feeding rate.

  • BACTOCELL DRINK: specifically formulated for use through the water of drinking (pigs and poultry) for short treatment periods covering critical times such as: reaching the peak-of-lay, during antibiotic treatments, appearance of sudden wet droppings, around vaccination, etc.
  • BACTOCELL AQUA 100: highly concentrated formulation specifically targeting an application in rearing water of shrimp and fish hatcheries.

Shelf life

Shelf life and composition of the product are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of production when stored in a cool and dry place in its original, unopened packaging.

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