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Piglet nutrition: Unveiling the benefits of YELA PROSECURE as a blood plasma substitute

Piglet nutrition: Unveiling the benefits of YELA PROSECURE as a blood plasma substitute

Our swine experts presented a new study at the BOKU Symposium Tierernährung 2024 on the replacement of porcine blood plasma by yeast-based solution, YELA PROSECURE, in post-weaning piglet feed. 

YELA PROSECURE is a specifically designed hydrolyzed yeast developed by Lallemand to offer highly digestible and functional nutrients that support animal performance, digestive care and feed palatability while contributing to the feed protein balance and to the total dietary fiber profile. 

The study was conducted on 702 healthy, 24-day-old weaning piglets during the post-weaning phase. It showed the inclusion of the hydrolyzed yeast at 3% — used as partial or total replacement of porcine blood plasma during the prestarter phase — helps piglets reach the same level of growth and feed efficiency over the whole post-weaning phase when compared to the piglets fed a diet including 4% porcine blood plasma. In addition, the study showed reduced overall mortality, which helps improve the farm profitability.  

The results obtained in this new study highlight YELA PROSECURE as a promising solution to substitute blood plasma in weaning pigs’ diets and mitigate feed costs while providing additional benefits by bringing fermentable dietary fibers to the diet, which contribute to a safer diet from a digestive standpoint.  


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Published Feb 28, 2024 | Updated Mar 5, 2024