Bacterial program to help maintain cow mobility: PODO CONCEPT

PODO CONCEPT is an innovative program including a range of bacterial-based products combined with patented equipment and technical recommendations to easily and efficiently help maintain the hoof health of the entire herd.

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Product Description

Product details

PODO CONCEPT can be used in all ruminants.

How it works

PODO CONCEPT includes complementary dry and liquid bacterial solutions:


PODO DRY + PODO LUVE = an innovative bacterial dry footbath
PODO DRY + PODO LUVE = an innovative bacterial dry footbath

  • Live beneficial bacteria selected for their capacity to colonize surfaces and to form a biofilm
  • Optimum particle size remains fluid and does not crust → optimal adhesion to hoof
  • Safe odorless and not stressful for animals
  • Easy-to-use and move (wheels and handles)
  • Consumption control (average use: 250 g/passage/cow)


PODO SPRAY = a complementary liquid bacterial spray
PODO SPRAY = a liquid bacterial spray alternative

  • For dry cows and heifers that do not have access to the dry footbath in milking areas
  • Powder to dilute and use as a liquid bacterial spray
  • Adhesive and dyed formula to stick at the hoof cow surface


PODO PASTE is a topical paste for hoof with a local application to help optimize the bacterial program efficacy.

Why it matters

Of this lameness, 90% affects the hind legs, and more than 70% is due to hoof bacterial infection (e.g., digital dermatitis).

Lameness causes mobility issues and, therefore, economic and animal welfare problems. This is why, within an infected herd, to limit the contamination, it is necessary to detect and manage lesions as early as possible.

According to a scientific consensus, the sooner lameness is detected and addressed, the better the results.


Technical program overview:

  1. Global evaluation of the situation
  2. Individual care (including a protection paste, PODO PASTE if necessary)
  3. Bacterial program (hoof application, dry and/or liquid bacterial solutions: PODO DRY, PODO LUVE, PODO SPRAY)
  4. Follow-up

Using a Lallemand bacterial bedding product will support PODO CONCEPT efficacy. It will help optimize the microbial management of the environment and prevent crusted hooves*.

Do not use PODO CONCEPT simultaneously with topical antimicrobial products.


*Please consult your technical adviser for more information.

Sachet sizes

PODO DRY is packaged in 25 kg bags.

PODO SPRAY is packaged in a 100 g sachet.

PODO PASTE is packaged in a 400 g jar.

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