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Bacterial bedding conditioner aids cow comfort and slurry management

Zara Dorrington runs an 810-hectare mixed farm in Lincolnshire comprised of an arable enterprise and a 300-cow Holstein dairy herd. 

“We started using the bacterial bedding conditioner Eazybed PRO to encourage the development of good bugs.  

“The natural product counteracts the bacteria in the shed which play a role in ammonia production. This, alongside good ventilation, has a positive effect on air quality and the lack of smell within the shed is noticeable. 

“We’ve also found it to be much more user friendly, with it being much less abrasive than previous products and its good drying ability has helped to reduce mastitis cases.

“What’s more, using Eazybed PRO has reduced our routine workload without compromising cow health. It only needs to be applied once or twice a week, so it’s more cost effective overall than the previous product we used.  

“Our slurry management has also become more efficient with new infrastructure on the farm. The good bugs from the bedding conditioner compliment this, flowing with the slurry into the lagoon and helping to break down the solids within the manure, making it easier to apply and handle.” 

Published Oct 3, 2023 | Updated Oct 26, 2023

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