Microorganisms are everywhere. The microbial environment of farm animals — from bedding material to manure — is key to good farm management, both in terms of animal welfare and the improved value of farm waste. It is an aspect that is often overlooked. ​

Discover in this 6-page white paper our microbial solution is able to influence microbial ecosystems to favor positive fermentations when applied on animal bedding or litter and on manure or slurry. 

What will you find inside this white paper?

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The new integrated approach to animal production management

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What is MANURE PRO, how it works, its benefits on-farm, and how it should be applied

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How this unique microbial solution has been developed by selecting the right bacteria and enzymes for optimal synergy

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Field testing and farmer feedback on bedding quality, ammonia emissions and manure value maximization

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Animal bedding and manure, or slurry, harbor important microbial populations. Optimizing the balance of these microbial ecosystems represents a valuable approach to help maintain a safe environment for the animal while maximizing the agronomic value of the manure and helping manage the logistics of the farm’s organic waste. ​

By selecting the optimal bacterial strains and enzymes, Lallemand Animal Nutrition developed a unique microbial solution: MANURE PRO. Understanding its mode of action and hearing feedback from on-farm experience confirm the value of this new tool for the management of animal surroundings.  ​

MANURE PRO shows benefits on three levels: bedding quality, building environment, and value of the organic waste.​

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Published Feb 25, 2021 | Updated Nov 1, 2023

Animal environmentMANURE PRO

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Animal environmentMANURE PRO

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