Bioremediation bacteria for aquaculture: LALSEA BIOREM

LALSEA BIOREM is a blend of 7 specific bacterial strains selected for their ability for bioremediation. LALSEA BIOREM was developed from the Lallemand Aquapharm Biotechnology Platform. This research laboratory and unique library of more than 10,000 marine microorganisms enable the screening and identification of new bacterial strains and novel classes of compounds and enzymes.

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

LALSEA BIOREM is packaged into 250 g aluminum resealable pouches and in 5kg cardboard box containing 20 aluminum pouches.

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

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Product Description

Product details

LALSEA BIOREM has been specifically selected to ensure a good pond water balance through organic matter degradation, ammonia reduction, and pH stabilization.

LALSEA BIOREM, direct application for stable water quality!

How it works

LALSEA BIOREM is a complete solution for pond water quality and animal performance management, ensuring pond water balance through:

  • Organic matter degradation: The bacterial strains contained in LALSEA BIOREM have been specifically selected for their high enzyme activity, which ensures better organic matter degradation and enhances control of sediment in the pond.
  • Ammonia control: LALSEA BIOREM promotes rapid ammonia removal and ammonia assimilation by heterotrophic bacteria. LALSEA BIOREM also supports effective nitrification by converting ammonia into nitrates with low accumulation of the toxic intermediary nitrite.
  • Strains of bacteria contained in LALSEA BIOREM show a good ability to help maintain a good pond microbial environment.
  • pH stabilization: LALSEA BIOREM helps maintain a stable pond pH level through algal bloom control and the degradation of fatty acids.

Why it matters

Managing shrimp and fish environment and microbial communities present in the pond or tank is key to ensure animal good health and a successful harvest.

  • LALSEA BIOREM has a proven ability to significantly improve water quality parameters and, as a result, animal performance.
  • LALSEA BIOREM helps maintain good water quality through ammonia control and nitrite reduction.
  • LALSEA BIOREM also helps in pond bottom cleaning and maintaining good sediment quality.


No prior fermentation is needed. LALSEA BIOREM can be sprayed directly on the water in fish and shrimp ponds or tanks or premixed in a small volume of water prior to distribution. Start the aerators prior to distribution to optimize the product spread into the pond. The required dosage may vary depending on local conditions. Consult your technician before use.

The use of LALSEA BIOREM must be integrated into a global good management practice program to ensure expected results. See your technician for more details.

Shelf life

Store in a cool and dry place, in its original unopened packaging. Shelf life and composition of the product are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of production under these conditions.

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