Yeast cell wall selected and optimized by Lallemand: OPTIWALL

OPTIWALL is a yeast cell wall (YCW) selected and optimized by Lallemand. OPTIWALL offers balanced, consistent, and guaranteed levels of mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and β-glucans, contributing to improved animal performance.

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25 kg bags or 800 kg big bags

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

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Product Description

Product details

OPTIWALL is a feed material that can be used in all animal species.

OPTIWALL can be used in organic production under regulation (EC) No 2018/848.

How it works

YCWs are the insoluble fraction of autolyzed or hydrolyzed yeasts, obtained after the separation from the cytoplasmic content. Widely used in animal nutrition, they are a source of MOS and β-glucans, known for their proven effects in supporting gut health (binding capacity of undesirable bacteria, prebiotic effect, immune modulation properties, and reduction of negative impacts by mycotoxins).

OPTIWALL has been developed to answer the needs of specific segments of the feed market, looking for qualitative, guaranteed, and cost-effective yeast cell walls.

OPTIWALL, a yeast cell wall selected and optimized by Lallemand

Why it matters

research and development icon optiwallDid you know? The efficiency of YCWs is not only about MOS and β-glucans levels. Strain, origin, and production process may also influence product efficacy and batch-to-batch consistency → Quality control is crucial.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has identified a unique methodology to assess, select and develop a YCW feed ingredient, OPTIWALL, offering a consistent, guaranteed, and affordable product to answer the market demand.

By developing OPTIWALL, Lallemand is bridging the gap between primary and non-specific secondary fermentation YCWs, taking advantage of both types of products, i.e.:

  • Non-specific secondary fermentation YCW: available, affordable
  • Primary fermentation YCW: standardized, consistent, guaranteed


OPTIWALL is produced to ensure optimal flow within industrial feed processes and a homogenous distribution in premixtures and compound feeds.

OPTIWALL is compatible with most feed ingredients and is stable in all animal feed types: mash, pellets, or liquids.

Shelf life

Store in a cool and dry place, in its original unopened packaging. The shelf life and composition of OPTIWALL are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of production under these conditions.

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